Journey Totals, but Not the Total Journey

I arrived in San Francisco amid rain and fog on Saturday, April 9th after 10 days on the road.  I have lots of photos to post and lots of experiences upon which to reflect. With that in mind, I’d like to post my journey totals with a representative photo of each of the legs of my journey.  I understand, however, that while these are the journey’s totals, they do not represent the total journey.

In front of the Observatory – ready to start

Day 1 – Griffith Park Observatory in Los Angeles to Leo Carrillio State Beach in Malibu = 75 miles.

Just west of Malibu after riding through the Santa Monica Mountains

Day 2 – Leo Carrillio State Beach to Santa Barbara = 54 miles

The beach at the Gaviota Campground – the train trestle is for the California Dream Liner Express 

Day 3 – Santa Barbara to Gaviota State Beach = 43 miles

Quaint downtown Pismo Beach – all things in walking distance

Day 4 – Gaviota State Beach to Pismo Beach = 72 miles

Morro Rock in Morro Bay – taken from Cayucos on the way to Cambria

Day 5 – Pismo Beach to Cambria = 61 miles

The view from the entrance to the Plaskett Creek Campground at sunset

Day 6 – Cambria to Plaskett Creek State Park = 42 miles

View of the giant redwood from my campsite in Big Sur

Day 7 – Plaskett Creek to Pfieffer Big Sur State Park = 33 miles

Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey – on the way to Marina, CA a few miles up the road

Day 8 – Big Sur to Marina = 64 miles

The view from Davenport, CA – a tiny town with huge views of the Pacific.

Day 9 – Maria to Davenport = 61 miles

Arriving in San Franciso

Day 10 – Davenport to San Francisco = 74 miles

20160409_181620 (1)
End of the journey at the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge

Total = 579 miles


Emerging from the fog…


After 10 days on the road I finally reached my destination at the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge.  The journey was enjoyable and exhausting, inspiring and tedious – peddle, peddle, peddle – awfull and awe filled.  I have a few things yet to do now; total up the miles traveled, clean and pack the gear for shipping home, most importantly filerting through all of the sights, sound and even smells to discern what insights to bring into focus what messages – if any – G-d may have for me.  The end of my journey was rather symbolic in this regard!

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Just ‘Cause

The bridge on Coastal 1

I’ve been away from Wi-Fi and cell phone service for the last few days. It’s been an adjustment to not be able to connect, but being cut off from the outside world has afforded me the opportunity to be mindful of the interactions I’ve had with people I’ve met along my journey and what G-d might be trying to say to me through these seemingly random interactions.

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The One Path…

Morro Rock jutting up from Morro Bay signals the start of the most remote part if my journey.

I’m using special maps for this journey.  They are made of a foldable, durable plastic and like old paper road maps from the days before GPS it folds into the size of a small pamphlet. Each fold covers a small section of the route – about 20 per section. Extremely useful. Continue reading “The One Path…”

Side by side


The 1st day of my journey was a day of intentional contrasts.  Starting at Griffith Park Observatory I made my way down the mountain and rode though LA and Hollywood.  In spit of the glamor associated with Hollywood it is filled with poor neghborhoods and ramshackle apartment buildings literally next door or across the street from multi-million dollar mansions.   Continue reading “Side by side”

Connecting the dots…

sun0Do you remember these?  Connect the dots puzzles were a fun part of elementary school.  Some were too easy – you could tell right away what the picture would reveal.  Others were a little more challenging – they required some diligence to unveil the hidden image.  My algebra teacher even created one in which every number was an equation that had to solved in order figure out the numbers to connect.

That’s a little bit what listening for the Still, Small Voice can be like. Continue reading “Connecting the dots…”